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The most beautiful hairstyles are created from kneading in the kind of fun hair studio. The figures can sit on the hairdresser’s chair and let the children conjure up a chic kneading hairstyle. For this purpose, two hairstyle shapes are included in the kneading set, which are pressed on the head with kneading. Alternatively, fill the figure with some kneading. If you press the hairdresser’s chair down, the kneader swells out of the head of the figure and she gets beautiful long hair. These can be embellished with home-made kneading accessories or processed with accessories such as scissors and comb. The set includes 4 x 50g of kneading, two hairstyles, two figures and great accessories. The Simba Toys Fun Hair Studio is a perfect gift to your little one and will surely provide endless hours of fun. Features:

•Art & Fun Dough Set Hairstudio includes 4 x 50g dough, 2x hairstyle mould, 2 figures, accessories
•Help develop imagination and creativity
•Guaranteed fun item
•Perfect gift to your little one

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